User Guides

The kitchen is equipped with good-quality modern appliances.  Nothing here has been chosen on the basis of 'it will do'.  Each item has been chosen to help make your stay here as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Washer Dryer - Bosch WVG30461GB
This machine will wash and dry up to 5kg of clothes in one go, in near silence.

Dishwasher - Bosch SMS67MW01G
Capable of coping with 14 place settings, this dishwasher features a top cutlery drawer that ensures that every knife, fork and spoon is properly cleaned. Though each of its wash programs are very quiet, it includes a 'wash in silence' setting, letting you get on in peace and quiet.

Induction Hob - Neff T36FB41X0G
If you've never used an induction hob before then you'll be impressed with how pleasant, controllable and easy it to use. More efficient and effective than any other type of electrical hob, they also have all the power and the instant responses of a gas hob but without the issues associated with a burning fuel. This hob has a boost setting, letting you direct all of its power to let you bring a pan of water to boiling in just a couple of minutes. However, turn the power down to its minimum and it's so precise that you can use it to directly melt chocolate!
Utensils used with an induction hob must have an iron or steel base, so in the big drawer underneath you'll find a couple of top-quality Bourgeat Tradition stainless steel tri-wall pans, plus a non-stick sauté pan as well as a non-stick milk pan. We've also included a small black iron pan in case you fancy making yourself an omelette, and the Italian Bialetti espresso maker (top right cupboard) is a stainless steel version of their 1933 Moka Express.

Oven - Neff B14M42N5GB
This Neff oven was an easy choice. We have one ourselves because we appreciate its accurate control of temperature and the evenness of its fan cooking. It's ideal not just for grilling breakfast or cooking a Sunday roast, but also spot-on for any baking that you may care to do. If you enjoy making pastry, bread or cakes we've set aside a drawer (bottom right in the kitchen) that includes a mixing bowl, rolling pin, cake tins, measuring jugs and scales. Just let us know if there's anything that we've missed!

Microwave Oven - Neff H11WE60N0G
When we travel we always stay in a holiday cottage, and know how important a good microwave is for a simple eating solution. This 900W microwave will enable you to simply and quickly put food on the table.

Fridge Freezer - LG GBB59PZRZS
This quiet-running appliance safely keeps your food fresh at 2°C or frozen solid at less than -20°C, and comes complete with an ice-making tray to make cool drinks on warm Pembrokeshire days.

Cooker Hood - Bosch DWW06W450B