The Dial Inn

Conveniently close, The Dial Inn  prides itself on its great food. 

Granville, the landlady's husband, takes particular pride in his fish dishes.

The Dial itself is a relatively quiet pub.  If you go in for a drink you'll find that local people will naturally chat with you at the bar and you won't feel out-of-place, but there is also enough space for you to sit with your family.  They look after their beer properly, and not being a tied pub tend to have some interesting local offerings.

Here's an old specials board, to give you a feeling of what's available, though the easiest thing to do is to pop in and and see what's available on the day.

Go early in the evening to eat, as they don't always stay open until normal closing time.

Lamphey Hall Hotel

Less than 100 metres away, Lamphey Hall is open to non-residents, and also has a good reputation for food, though it is more expensive than the Dial Inn.  Booking is essential: 01646 672394 .  It has a popular public bar, where you can get snacks.

Their complete online menu is extensive, and includes a good range of vegetarian meals.